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Cubelos Planning Meeting -Mandatory for All Packs Attending

Cubelos Planning Meeting -Mandatory for All Packs Attending
Clark Recreation Center 430 Westfield Ave
Clark, NJ, US
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Please make sure you send at least 1 representative for your pack to these meetings.

We have asked the packs to pick a country to represent, and so far this what we have:


Pack 178 - Ireland, Pack 73 - India, Pack 83 - Italy, Pack 30 - Poland, Pack 116 - Canada, Pack 75 - Mexico, Pack 163 - Germany, Cubelos Team - USA

If you have not picked your country let, please do and let us know as soon as possible. We are working on what events will be held, I will follow up in an email or will discuss at first meeting. Any suggestions you might have for an event please feel free to contact us.


All rosters must be emailed back to me no later than May 15th, by 9:00 pm. Remember there must be at least 1 BALOO trained person in camp with your pack at all times. Thank you.



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If you have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail: Beth Miller-Porter

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